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The world has changed markedly in 300 years. School, however, has not. What was created to make efficient use of the new technology of printing has become ruthless in trying to keep all subsequent technologies out.  What must go through a student’s mind while sitting in class, listening to a teacher tell them things that is available instantly on their cellphone? What must it feel like to only be allowed a textbook in class as a resource, especially since a textbook contains material that is at least 10 years old at the moment of publication.

It must be BO-RING!

How schools work has to change or schools will go the way of the blacksmith shop. They will become museum pieces that generations to come will visit like they do now with pioneer villages. They are not to far away from already being museums right now. My own classroom has 3 generations of biology textbooks. I’m sure there is a thesis somewhere in analyzing what has passed for important biological knowledge in the last 20 years as shown in textbooks. But that is the best I can say about them.

It occurred to me while playing a video game how many non-gamers get it wrong. Video games are not fun in the traditional sense.  They are enjoyable, they are hard work, they are even maddening. After completing Knights of the Old Republic on xbox there was a final screen that told me that I had been playing that game for 50 hours (not in a row). I realized that was very close to half the time that is usually allotted to a course in high school (known as carnegie units, they are 110 hours long). Considering how much I improved over the course of the game I wondered if I could use the same principles the game used to get me from beginner to adept in the course of 50 hours in my classroom to help my students learn.

As usual, what I thought was an original idea had been around for quite a while. Take a look at my TEDx talk on the subject on my Movie page.


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Doctors write medical journals. Lawyers write legal journals. Engineers write engineering journals. Academics write education journals? This has to change.